Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Falun Gong and the Politicians

In front of San Francisco City Hall on Tuesday the 17th, there was a press conference consisting of speeches, predominantly by Asians...

...defending District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly from a very public trashing... a local ethnic rag called "Asian Week."

Click here to get to the would-be damning cover article by Samson Wong and click here to get to their editorial which has a few hilariously hypocritical statements.

My favorites are:
"Last year, he single-handedly destroyed the longstanding community service provider, West Bay Pilipino Multi-Service Center. This year he has told adherents of the Falun Gong sect that he will investigate the venerable Chinese New Year Parade, which is subsidized by the city...Why is he doing this? With the West Bay Pilipino Multi-Service Center, he claimed the organization was mismanaging public funds, even though federal and state regulators cleared the organization. With the Chinese New Year parade, he is making accusations of discrimination, even though the Falun Gong’s claims of human rights violations are occurring in another country — not here in America, much less San Francisco..."

"Even the confrontational Rose Pak, who has been the biggest champion of the Chinese New Year Parade, has been noticeably quiet about the parade’s policies banning the Falun Gong’s politicking. Daly has sent a chilling message to any recipient of city funds: You must kowtow to the powers that be or face the consequences. That is a sorry state of affairs, particularly for the current target of his ire, San Francisco’s Asian American community."

So, another section of San Francisco's Asian American community rallied to say the charges of racism were ridiculous crap. The West Bay Pilipino Multi-Service Center, by the way, was the group of Pilipino seniors who were discovered last year to be participating in a Medicare scam with cash kickbacks for taking expensive, unnecessary tests. Also, calling Rose Pak "confrontational" is a bit like calling Chairman Mao "determined."

At writer h. brown's weekly Burrito Salon last Friday...

...there was quite a bit of talk about the Falun Gong because h. brown has become obsessed with their persecution and the way local politicians have been bought off and intimidated by the Chinese government to say nothing about their treatment.

Along with his brilliantly shrewd political friend Janet, whom he met at computer classes at the Jewish Community Center not long ago, h. held court in his usual stream-of-consciousness style at the Salon. He has been neglecting his own website, The Bulldog (click here) for a couple of months while writing a weekly column for the SF Sentinel, but he's back after having being unceremoniously fired from the online rag by Pat Murphy for the third time.

Here are excerpts from h. brown's latest column about Falun Gong and the Politicians:
"What a world we live in when an old guy on welfare living in a San Francisco SRO cubby hole can sketch out a plan to overthrow the government of the most populous nation on the planet and nod to himself that he has a pretty good chance of success. And, … can do this while working to prop up the Venezuelan government. Here’s the way I have it mapped out."

Whine to Daly

That’s worked out well for me in the past and it worked out great this time too. In print, of course. I seldom call or see all these people I write about but I spend more time with them then any of their families in another sense. I watch them on the tube constantly and critique their performances with little favor for alliances, sensibilities & often, common decency. Hey, you do what you do, I’ll do what I do.

"So, I write about these people and sometimes they respond and over the years a person builds relationships of various sorts, sometimes just around a single issue. None of these issues is as important as the treatment of the Falun Gong by the Chinese government and the challenge to that government by 6th District’s bold young supervisor, Chris Daly, on behalf of the 110 million members of that persecuted sect."

"Daly is da Man to the Falun Gong and he should be. He carried their banner against not only the Communist government, but against the economic interests of high ranking members of his own local Democratic Party machine (read Dionne Feinstein & hubby, Dick Phlegm). Daly withstood a heavy lobbying effort directed by the local Chinese Consul who fielded Rose Pak to run roughshod over Aaron Peskin & Jake McGoldrick, convincing them to close their ears to the cries of the suffering millions."

"Peskin & McGoldrick were simply the most prominent of the Progressives to fold to the Commies. Sandoval voted against the Falun Gong too. Later newspaper reports from around the entire country described a full-scale PR campaign paid for and orchestrated by the Chinese government, within the United States, upon local governmental units to deny adoption of the Falun Gong resolution or rescind resolutions already adopted. The principle tool employed by the commie’s henchmen was to threaten economic harm. Does it work?"

"Well, Microsoft is just, like, all over the paper the last week for aceding to PRC demands that they unplug a blogger who was critical of the government. The AP reports that Microsoft also erased ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’ from their Chinese dictionary. Not to be outdone, Google erased ‘the Dalai Lama’."

"Well, I say these fuckers are out of time. We start the effort right back where it began. Back in the chambers of the Board of Supervisors and the same resolution. Our corporations and leading politicians only care about profits. We already knew that. What we need, is for our directly elected neighborhood Board to reflect the actual sentiments of the people of the City of St. Francis. Watch the vote and watch the Mayor’s reaction."

"As a supervisor, Newsom voted against the Falun Gong without comment. Only Daly, Gonzalez and Ammiano voted in favor of the resolution at that time. A year or so later, Mark Leno told me that if he had it to do again, that he would vote in favor of the Falun Gong. Now, Newsom is Mayor and being groomed to replace Feinstein. Nothing is more important to her then the continued prosperity of Dick Blum’s, URS corporation, latest tip on the family’s financial spear. You see how Blum fought to keep his seat on CALPERS? That’s a trillion dollars, folks. Uh huh, you heard me right. A trillion dollars could overthrow the government of China."

Daly to investigate PRC lobbying and more

"During the Board’s Roll Call for Introductions, Tuesday (1-10-06) Daly called for a committee hearing on the influence of lobbying by the People’s Republic of China aimed at defaming and mischaracterizing the Falun Gong. Kids, this could be as big as Watergate. It is clear that a totalitarian regime that tortures and murders its own citizens has been conducting an intense propaganda campaign from sea to friggin’ shining sea. Locally, we’ll find out just how much money PRC bag lady, Rose Pak has given to Aaron Peskin and Jake McGoldrick over the past 4 years. This newest defense of free speech and expression should begin in San Francisco. It should begin with a population that overwhelms the public hearings on the persecution of the Falun Gong and cries out that taking bribes from tyrants will not be tolerated. Get the PRC, their goons and their paid-off politicians off the backs of the 110 million Falun Gong."

Daly to reintroduce Falun Gong Resolution

"Every year, Aaron Peskin & Gerardo Sandoval & Sophie Maxwell & Jake McGoldrick vote to condemn the present Turkish government for refusing to acknowledge a genocide that took place under the Ottoman Empire (extinct now for some 80 years). Not just these supervisors. All of the supes always vote for this. Without fail."

"The Turks pretty much ignore the entire yearly affair. After all, they are a different people with not only a different form of government, but even a new alphabet and language. They’d consider lobbying local politicians to refuse to vote for the resolution of censure to be interfering in local politics. And, they’d be right."

"The PRC has no such compunctions. It is amazing that the land of Bush’s Department of Homeland Security would allow such an obvious foreign counter-intelligence operation to exist. Imagine if Fidel Castro lobbied for the SF Board of Supes to pass a resolution condemning the United States for invading Cuba in 1961? And, offered money to everyone the way Rose Pak does. Why’s she get by with it?"

"Money. Profits for URS & Feinstein & Blum and a host of others. For Microsoft & Google and their shareholders. Because there’s no labor like slave labor when it comes to manufacturing blue jeans or cell phones. Ethics and morality go out the window when the dollar winks."

"So, Daly will reintroduce the resolution calling upon the Chinese government to cease the harassment, imprisonment, torture & murder of members of the Falun Gong. I look forward to watching him question FBI agents & SFPD intelligence officers as to the level of infiltration the PRC has managed to gain into organizations like the Chinese Chamber of Commerce which, last week, again banned the Falun Gong from the New Year’s Parade (run, surprisingly enough, by Rose Pak - Peskin, who co-starred her in his Comcast puff piece on D-3, will likely ride in Pak’s open yellow limo."

"What will the vote be? Peskin, McGoldrick, Sandoval & Maxwell are the original votes against the Falun Gong still serving on the Board. We’re about to find out how they feel about Pak’s ‘red envelopes’ this year. Daly & Ammiano survive as the original ‘Yes’ votes in favor the the Falun Gong. This will get very interesting. Wonder if Peskin will use his power as Board President to delay the hearings until after the Parade? It would be about right in line with Aaron’s continued downward spiral. So far, he’s expanded the power of the Mayor, extended old monopolies and created a new one, signed the death warrant for a dozen neighborhood hardware stores and is negotiating to tear down the podium where the President of the Board has sat for a hundred years or so. … I mean, jeeeze, you talk about leaving your mark. Why not take down all the flags too? And, the rails? More symbols and barriers that separate people."

That’s a sample of my ’shame’ card

"I’m trying to shame Peskin, et al into supporting the Falun Gong. It’s the right thing to do on so many levels. Imagine supporting a government that bans the word ‘democracy’."

The final speaker at the press conference was Supervisor Daly's wife, who started her remarks with, "Gosh, I wish somebody had told me that Chris was racist towards Asians before I married him since I'm half-Chinese myself."

Though the passing back and forth of their new baby when he started wanting mommy looked like a photo-op, it was actually pretty obvious that the new daddy was deliriously in love with his new son. It was a pleasure to watch.


p said...

dear dude,
i know where you're busy with all the brick-a-barck from your local politicians, but meanwhile in a galaxy not far away..;_ylt=AuoB0IK2TVEpw3FTTZvZTLIDW7oF;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

oh yeah!! now we're talking...
it's how i stop Worrying and loved the bomb....

sfmike said...

Dear Mr. P: Ever hear the expression, "think globally, act locally"? In truth, there's not much I can do about nuclear saber-rattling in France (which is what the yahoo article is about) or the fact that the United States government seems to be owned lock, stock and barrel by organized crime. All I can do, really, is observe what's in front of my nose.

Speaking of which, are you going to Clark's new opening at Mission 17 tomorrow night? If so, I'll see you there. Love, M.

p said...

mike dude, I agree with your think globally, act locally attitude, altough, i got to tell that link gave me a good laugh before my morning coffee...
say hit mr clark for me, we're going to san jose to see a friends show.
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Anonymous said...

I don't know enough to justify my discomfort and wariness about falun gong, but there you have it.

One has no trouble believing that Feinstein et al come down on the side of what works for their personal/biz/political interests. But that organization feels rotten at the core to me.