Friday, October 14, 2005

Schwarzenegger Is A Scary Replicant

Does anybody in California actually remember when Schwarzenegger was sort of sneaked in as governor in a right wing coup d'etat during a "special" election in November?

Was it even November? I can't remember and I worked at a polling place for that election in the Richmond District with a crazy but fabulous Russian Jewish woman named Olga who burst into tears when it turned out our young Chinese female colleague was being beaten up by her oafish young husband. Ah, the stories she could tell of abuse herself, but they were too, too much!

I cannot recommend either jury duty or working at a polling place highly enough as a serious civic duty.

You get to meet the entire world, high and low, and you're treated, ideally, equally.

Anyway, that particular election night I just assumed that the crazy recall attempt against Gray Davis had failed and the right-wingers who were trying to put in movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger were ridiculously wrong.

I believed that partly because an old Chinese woman had an absolute fit in the middle of the day in the middle of the rather nasty garage we were in on Sixteenth Avenue and Geary. "I'm a Republican, and I've always been a Republican, but this is bullshit!" she said.

Little did she or most of the rest of us know how bad "being a Republican" was going to get.

Across the street from my apartment on Tuesday evening was the noisiest demonstration I've ever heard.

Part of it was because there were too many dangerous women who had been handed megaphones, including this Filipina goddess who could inhale a puff of tobacco, and then yell, "When do we want that contract?" You couldn't help but yell back "NOW!" whoever you were.

The same fascist group who brought us the Austrian Poseur, Schwarzenegger, is now bringing us State Propositions in a "special" election designed to crush anyone who is not One of Them.

They're hoping that nobody will show up for the election, just like that "special" election which was Schwarzenegger's coup d'etat.

They're responsible for Propositions 73-78 this time around. Let's crush them electorally, make them small and ridiculous. With nurses, police, firemen, teachers and just about every working person in the world on our side, it shouldn't be all that hard.

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p said...

dear michael,
i couldn't agree more...the only but is what's the alternative?
whta's the democratic party thinking??let's pack schwarzie back to haider land..they could have a party and remenber the fuher's good ol' days...