Sunday, September 11, 2005

Opening Night at the Opera, Part II

The north corridor of the orchestra level at the San Francisco Opera House is where the "carriage entrance" resides.

There were quite a few gawkers assembled to watch The Female Swells and their gowns.

In essence, Opening Night at the Opera is Halloween for rich women in San Francisco.

Some wear the expensive rags quite well.

Others don't.

It was a little discomfiting watching this parade while in the midst of "Class War," where the current powers that be want to eliminate the Estate Tax forever.

You get the feeling that these people are almost as clueless as Marie Antoinette once was.

In the 1970s and even the 1980s, there was usually some protest group on the sidewalk of Van Ness Avenue on Opera's Opening Night, always including an anti-fur group.

I'm afraid the anti-fur zealots need to make a comeback because fur has become the new, old fad among rich ladies in San Francisco.

Every other woman seemed to be wearing one tonight. It looks like they need to be shamed publicly all over again.

What looked to be a statuesque model sat down next to me on the upholstered bench and methodically took out material from her way-overdesigned dress that had gotten stuck to her sparkly jewel shoes.

Her male companion looked like a young Hollywood mogul and he watched her perform this practical ritual in what appeared to be a state of fury.

Those who seemed to be having the best time this evening were pretty young women...

...who didn't seem to have much to do with "society" at all.

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