Monday, February 03, 2014

Mid-Market Relationship Advice

A new luxury rental skyscraper called AVA is finishing construction on 55 Ninth Street across from the new Twitter headquarters...

...complete with wacky lighting fixtures over the front sidewalk that look like falling grand pianos.

Parts of the exterior design bear an unfortunate resemblance to a glass version of the old Jack Tar Hotel on Geary and Van Ness, which is currently undergoing demolition.

There is new signage on the building proudly proclaiming that "AVA is Now in a Relationship with Mid-Market," and my first thought was, "Be careful to avoid the meth heads and chronic alcoholics in your new relationship, AVA. They will always be a disappointment."


Michael Strickland said...

From my friend Markley:

The falling pianos are public art by Brian Goggins, who did "Defenestration," and Dorka Keehn. It's called "Caruso's Dream." On Sunday, Feb 23, they're going to have a procession from Defenestration to Caruso's Dream.

I think Defenestration is one of the most noted and perhaps most loved works of public art. I'm really intrigued by Caruso's Dream and will be interested to see how it's received.

christopherinsf said...

I agree about the design -- the exterior and overall design of this building is way too reminiscent of the old Jack Tar Hotel on Geary.