Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Home for The Holidays

We went nowhere for the holidays and it was wonderful. Forget Burning Man. When San Francisco really clears out is during the Christmas season, as people go on vacations or visit family. I have been working this month in Silicon Valley and using public transport, which involves, each way, two Muni bus rides, a Caltrain trip, and then a shuttle bus. It's a hellish commute, but this week it's been a dream, with Muni buses not jammed to the gills, train cars empty, and rush hour gridlock in SOMA miraculously absent.

We also had Christmas lunch at our version of Cheers, a pub with food called The Bell Tower on Polk Street. No family drama, no late airplanes, no broken down trains, no tornadoes or blizzards. It was heaven.


  1. It's been great around 24th and Mission as well ... Happy New Year to ya!

  2. Bliss. Happy New Year to you!